Founders, Kaitlyn & Aaron, met during their senior year at Syracuse University! Go Orange!  Today, they are married and live in Hoboken, NJ where they share an office space with their cat, Betty; the third member of their family and chief morale officer.


While transitioning to a predominantly plant-based diet, they began using avocados more frequently in place of mayonnaise and other creamy condiments. Kaitlyn & Aaron quickly realized there was an unfilled demand for this type of product.  With Kaitlyn’s background in design and Aaron’s in finance, and (of course) their love of food, they sought to develop and commercialize an avocado-based condiment. After much trial and error, and some memorable moments in the kitchen, nearly four years ago, GoAvo was born.


Kaitlyn & Aaron bought a refrigerated van and started self-delivering GoAvo to a small number of health food stores in the Northeast. With rapidly growing interest came an exciting growth in distribution. Today, this husband and wife team are thrilled to have GoAvo on shelves nationwide, and are as committed as ever to delivering product that consumers love.

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